Friday, March 23, 2012

Reflecting on Learning Technology

I am just brushing up on the things I have learnt over the last few weeks. It is amazing how technology has advanced in time.
Integrating the Web in the classroom can create an indisputable impact on education and learners´ accomplishment.There is a great number of websites loaded with information on the net so we must be particularly careful when using it. As educators we should look for the most useful and appropriate search engines for our students.Teachers and parents have a huge responsibility with their youngsters.We must promote the correct use of the net and help learners to be aware of cyberbullying.
The introduction of Word and PowerPoint can convert our daily lessons into something more engaging and interesting. As the saying goes - variety is the spice of life. The correct use of these software can enable our students to retain concepts and make the learning process more enjoyable.
Technology is excellent, easy, useful and a lot of things more but it shouldn´t replace a competent established procedure of teaching and learning. It is designated to complement teaching and learning.

Friday, February 24, 2012

My reflections on week 1

Hi everyone.Wow. My first week was a little complicated and stressful because I am not accustomed to using the computer a lot. I am trying very hard to do my best and I feel that I am going to be successful.
I am what people would call a digital who has come late to the world of technology.
First of all I missed the Wiziq session because of circumstances beyond my control.Anyhow working by myself this week in Module 1 & 2 I can say that I found a lot of interesting and new information which is very useful for my profession. The activities are very challenging and I am enjoying them while learning quite a lot.
This is my first blog and also my first online course. I am already feeling awesome.